Ensembles Discantus & Alla francesca
Centre de musique médiévale de Paris

Trio Alta

Wind instruments rings between the Middle Ages and Renaissance

The trio of wind instruments Alta is characteristic of the formation in "alta capella", composed by two reeds (old oboes) and one brass instrument (old trumpet), described by the theorist and composer Johannes Tinctoris (1435-1511). These high instruments ("high" being understood here in the sense of strong, powerful) were particularly appreciated during festive situations or more solemn celebrations: balls, banquets, tournaments, princely meetings...

Listen to an excerpt:
Gli atti col dançar… / Johannes Ciconia (1370-1412)

Béatrice Delpierre
/ shawms, recorders
Pierre Boragno / shawms, bagpipes, recorders, pipe & tabor
Gilles Rapin / slide trumpet, cornet, recorders

Alta performs in concert, or in several successive sets, both outdoors and in heritage places (castles, museums ...) and festivals to make discover these rare music and instruments. The trio regularly associates his forces with those of the ensembles Alla francesca and / or Discantus thus covering the entire range of sound of medieval music (singing, string and wind instruments, highs and lows). Among the concert programmes that brought them together: Le Bal des ardents (a news item in 1393 around Charles VI, with Parisian music, punctuated by chronicles and poems by René Zosso), La Cité de Paris, rue, palais, église (Parisian music in the 13th century), 1465, l’incroyable voyage de Leon de Rosmital(music in 15th century Europe).
We find the trio on 2 CDs with Alla francesca: Johannes Ciconia and Armes, amours.
Each musician of the Alta trio is also a member, or guest soloist of the best French ensembles of old, Renaissance or Baroque music, and has an important teaching activity.

Depending on the program, other artists may participate in the concerts:
Michèle Vandenbroucque / shawms
Pierre Hamon / bagpipes, recorders
Bruno Caillat / percussion
Michèle Claude / percussion