Ensembles Discantus & Alla francesca
Centre de musique médiévale de Paris

Distant love

Songs and polyphonies of courtly love / Alla francesca, feminine vocal trio and strings instruments

The troubadours and trouveres from Middle Ages can't stop singing courtly love : men and women burn with passion, weep tears of joy and languish of an unattainable love. Musicians-poets singing in oïl language make already lovers dream : Thibaut de Champagne, Richard de Fournival, Moniot d'Arras and, above all, Guillaume de Machaut, this last one mixing voice and instruments in ingenious polyphonies. Three singers, a fiddle, a medieval harp and percussions bring them back to life in the universe of poetry and medieval music.

Alla francesca / trio féminin
Vivabiancaluna Biffi / voice, medieval fiddle
Christel Boiron / voice
Brigitte Lesne
 / voice, psaltery-harp, percussions, direction


Création 2017 /