Alla francesca - Discantus - Brigitte Lesne

Duo Brigitte Lesne & Pierre Hamon

2 accomplices / 3 programs!

Brigitte Lesne: voice, medieval harps, percussion
Pierre Hamon: recorders, bagpipes, drum

1 / Mediterranea

A trip between Italy (laude and istanpitte), troubadours (songs and instrumental dances) and repertoires of the Sephardic diaspora from the Middle Ages in Spain

2 / Chanter m'estuet

The songs of the courtly lyric, troubadours (in langue d'oc) and trouvères (in langue d'oïl) alternate with instrumental dances

3 / Hypnos linea

Series of short pieces composed in 2007-2008 by Philippe Schoeller

Hypnos linea is designed to fit into a program of medieval pieces in proportions that can vary, the duration of the creative part being a little less than half an hour.

Hypnos linea I *> duo voice / flute
Hypnos linea II> "double dance" for flute and drum (& percussion ad lib.)
Hypnos linea III *> solo voice / harp
Hypnos linea IV *> duo voice / flute
Hypnos linea V> solo tenor recorder

* On a text of St. Francois d'Assise: Il cantico delle creature (also known as "hymn of the sun brother")

Order from the festival Musique et mémoire, a first version of Hypnos linea was performed in July 2007